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Commenting on the final trailer of Batman vs Superman, released this Thursday (11), and that you can see below, the HitFix website says that the entire internet said: this is the best long trailer so far, but I wonder if he is selling a movie that doesn’t exist? “.

Second McWeeny, Warner would be worried about Batman vs. Superman, since the movie is starting to appear in private sessions and the reaction of the people wouldn’t be getting what the Studio would. In theaters, Batman vs Superman debut on 24 March.

In the video, the journalist makes a bet for the future, saying that Warner should put all the chips in suicide squad, which will be a success. Ever wonder woman should be terminated the way you’re being thought of now. However, McWeeny has doubts about the future of the movies of the Justice League and other subsequent announced over a year ago by Warner.
Future at risk

“I’d be surprised if the Justice League start filming when they say they will and I will be equally surprised if Zack Snyder the drive,” said the critic. In other words, the job of Snyder in the future film of DC can be obviously at risk, if Batman vs Superman isn’t the overflow Warner expects.

Thus, according to the website, all programming of future DC movies that are not yet recording could be in danger, starting with the Justice League I and II (2017 and 2019), Flash (2018), Aquaman (2018) and all of the following expected, as Shazam (2019), Cyborg (2020) and Green Lantern Corps (2020).

“I talked to a lot of people now who had access to the film and I’m starting to fear a little,” McWeeny. “I think what will happen is that the Justice League will be taken from [the date] and that film solo Batman will be what will be in this spot.” Remember, the first film of the Justice League is scheduled for 17 November 2017.

The HitFix editor still bet that Warner should make this change to put Ben Affleck’s film up in the air as soon as possible, because you will need to rebuild the franchise after Batman vs Superman and win people’s trust back.